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Keeping Systems and Communicators Up-to-date using EDDL Sponsored by ISA-SP104, Electronic Standards Device Description Language Certification Education & Training Publishing Conferences & Exhibits Presenter • Ludwig Winkel, Marketing Fieldbus Communication, Siemens, Karlsruhe, Germany • Christian Diedrich, Department Control System, Ifak, Magdeburg, Germany • Jonas Berge , PlantWeb Consulting, Emerson Process Management, Singapore • Terry Blevins, Control System Development, Emerson Process Management, Austin, Texas 2 Tutorial Agenda • History of Development • How EDDL Technology Works • Benefits of Approach • Recent EDDL Advancements – Examples • Updating Systems And Communicators • Demonstration. 3 Structure of simple analog field devices • Local calibration only • Universal tools i.e. screw driver, meter. • No remote diagnostic 4 Structure of digital field devices • Calibration and diagnostic parameters through communications link • Different protocols are utilized and device implementation varies with manufacturer • Diagnostic information is available to support on-line operation. 5 EDDL – Provides a universal means to access Device Parameters 6 What is EDDL? International Standard for Interoperability • EDDL is an Electronic Device Description Language • EDDL is an international standard – Standardized by IEC (IEC 61804-3) • EDDL is endorsed by four major foundations – Fieldbus Foundation – HART Communication Foundation – Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V (PNO) – The OPC Foundation Where is EDDL Utilized • Using this technology, it is possible to provide an interoperable environment where information available in modern automation sensors and actuators may be accessed by Distributed process control systems or handheld communicator to: – Configure – Calibrate a device – Diagnose problems – Provide data and alarms for user-interface displays. • EDD’s are available for more than 20 million installed field instruments from a host of manufacturers. 8 Development History • Electronic Device Description technology first appeared in the early 1990’s in HART instruments • In 1994, the Fieldbus Foundation (FF), HART® Communication Foundation (HCF), Profibus Nutzer Organisation e.V. (PNO) adopted EDDL as part of their specifications. • The Fieldbus Foundation, HCF and PNO collaborated to enhance EDDL and in 2002 submitted a unified version of EDDL to the IEC. The technology became an IEC international standard, IEC 61804-2, in March 2004 9 IEC61804 Standard for Electronic Device Description Abstract Models IEC 61499-1 ISO 15745-1 • Complies with IEC61499 Conceptual FB IEC 61804-2 • Profile are specification for FB Concept the process sector IEC 61804-3 EDDL defined for Fieldbus Solutions FF

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