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Future Smart Cities Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman GlobalFuturist.com Are you Future-Ready What is your Vision? Institute for Global Futures • Think Tank: Forecast Future Trends, Global Advisory • Keynotes, Consulting, Research, Reports Themes •Future of Cities and Tech •World of 2025 •Your Future Harnessing the Power Future- of Innovation Ready Organizations • Manage Complexity • Agile • Change Agents • Predictive • Experimenters • Bold Chief Challenge for Cities: GlobalFuturist.com Becoming Future Ready Dealing with Grand Challenges Thank You Jcanton@GlobalFuturist.com Future Smart City Roadmap 1. Choose to Become Future Ready: Develop a Smart City 2025 Plan of Action Future Smart City Roadmap 2.Create Incentives for Attracting & Educating Innovation Economy Workers Future Smart City Roadmap 3.Government 2.0: Anything that does Not Help Entrepreneurs & Small Business Stop Doing it Future Smart Future Roadmap 4.Create Sustainable Energy and Climate Systems for Commerce, Transportation & Housing Future Smart Future Roadmap 5. Build Hyper- Connectivity: Make Available Fast Internet Everywhere Future Smart Future Roadmap 6. Become a Future Lab: Invest in Leading Edge Innovation to Create Jobs and Commerce—Shape the Future You Want Future Smart Future Roadmap 7. Use Digital Networks to Transform Health Care, Commerce and Education NeuroWeb: Thinking Network Future Drivers Global Population Increases By 2040 Over 9 Billion People 70% World Lives in Cities=80% GDP GlobalFuturist.com Thank You Jcanton@futureguru.com GlobalFuturist.com Thank You Jcanton@futureguru.com Sustainability Futures Velocity in Economics Creation Driven by Innovation Summary The Leading Technologies that will Shape the Future of Change LeadershipCities is about Moving with Velocity To Adapt, Learn and Empower FAST Key Themes This is the Early Stage of Global Innovation Economy Innovations What’s Coming Will Come Faster Exponential Innovations Will Come Faster Innovations Building The Predictive Enterprise Innovation Faster Then Moore’s Law The Hyper-Connected Economy Convergence of connected customers, devices, data, markets, IoT, M2M Innovation Ecosystems: Collaborative Business Networks/Markets Connected Planet: One Global Market Innovations Will Come Faster Innovations Will Come Faster Innovate Fast Key BizorDriver: Game Innovation Over Darwinism Disruptions are the New Normal Connected GeoWeb, Media Mashup People are Driving Innovation Digital DigitalBiology: Hacking Biology: Life Life Hacking Synthetic biology, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, post genomics and longevity Molecular Manufacturing: Hacking Matter Nanofabrication, 3D production and molecular manufacturing will create a new physics of production GeoEngineering: Planet Hacking Clean energy, Digitally clean tech, climate Hackingmanagement, pollution controls the Planet are on the horizon, think big entrepreneurs Rise of Artificial Intelligence Connected & Aware Emergence of Smart Machines & Autonomous CyberFuture: Economy Smart Machines Threat Private Space Industry Space: The Next Frontier NanoBioNeuro Enhancement Super Grid HyperLoop: Clean Transport Connected & Aware NanoBioNeuro Enhancement Co-Evolution Jcanton@futureguru.com CyberFuture: Smart Machines Threat Private Space Industry Innovations What’s Coming Will Come Faster Exponential Innovations Will Come Faster Innovations Dynamic Innovation Economy Smart Connectivity Exponential Tech Hyper-Connectivity Mobile Everything Data New Currency Connected Planet Lifestyle GlobalFuturist.com Thank You Jcanton@GlobalFuturist.com 3D Manufacturing Internet of Everything Thank You Jcanton@GlobalFuturist.com GlobalFuturist.com Thank You Jcanton@GlobalFuturist.com Real-Time Digital Medicine Mobile Enterprise Intelligence Cyber-Insecurity Digital Sentience: Network Knows You Summary Get Ready for the Extreme Future, prepare NOW GlobalFuturist.com Thank You Jcanton@GlobalFuturist.com GlobalFuturist.com Thank You Jcanton@GlobalFuturist.com Extreme Economic Forecast Smart Cities Smart Cities Are Aware of You Cities That Think Cities as Digital Nervous Systems Connected & Sensors Aware Video Networks AI Data Capture GlobalFuturist.com Big Data: The Predictive Cit

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