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The Valve World Middle East Conference 2017 20 - 21 February IRIB International Conference Centre – Tehran, Iran Advance Conference Program Iran’s valve industry is open for business Meet the Iranian Oil & Gas end-users Maximise your business potential Take part in technology transfer Sponsored by Knowledge supporter Powered by S p e c i a l t y V a l v e s www.valve-world.net Valve World Middle East Conference 2017 First Valve World Middle East Conference! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend this first Valve will also come along to showcase their wares and competencies. From World Middle East Conference. outside Iran, key manufactures and suppliers will put forward some of their latest products and technologies aimed at providing a solution Since UN sanctions were lifted from Iran on January 16th, 2016, much to many of the valve challenges faced in the oil & gas industry today of the world has been keen to look into the economic prospects of and tomorrow. Even more than being a technical conference, this doing business there. This has certainly been true of the valve industry event will look at the broader context of doing business in Iran and – just one of the myriad of industries vying for opportunities in this also the whole of the Middle East. The event will have a number of country of eighty million inhabitants. The fact is not at all surprising prominent Iranian speakers from state-owned and privately-owned because Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world, estimated end-user oil & gas companies, government organizations, and manu- to be of the order of 150 billion barrels. This is approximately 10% of facturers from both inside and outside Iran – a clear indication of the the world’s proven petroleum reserves. To bring this notion even bet- significance in which this event is regarded. Lawyers and brokerage ter into an everyday perspective – at Iran’s 2006 production rate (be- firms experienced in the legal and financial implications of doing fore the embargo), its reserves would have lasted another ninety-eight business in Iran will also be on hand to offer solutions to your unique years even if no new oil was found within the country’s borders. Even business situations. Perhaps, however, first and foremost this will be more impressive, the country’s proven natural gas reserves exceed 30 a networking event offering you the chance to meet up and discuss trillion cubic meters. This is 15.8% of the world’s total reserves – the ideas with like-minded people across country borders and exchange second largest of any country with the exception of Russia. As such, knowledge and experiences. Look upon it as a building block to even with present low prices for fossil fuels, Iran remains an extremely setting up or strengthening your business relationships for a bright interesting prospect to do business with. It is against this backdrop future. that so many business visitors went off to Iran this year. Suddenly Iran is ‘hot’ not only because of the potential of its reserves but also because of its desire to maintain, refurbish, and expand its oil & gas in- dustry. Likewise the best of Iranian companies want to investigate the prospects to export again. As such, the idea of knowledge exchange is very much on people’s minds. It is with these thoughts that this Valve World Middle East conference has been put together – to arrange a transfer of technologies and experience between those working in the oil & gas industry inside Iran with those from abroad. Iranian end-users from both state and privately owned oil & gas companies, EPCs, and research organizations will share with us the challenges that they face with regard to working Halle Bakhteeyar, Ph.D. with valves and actuators on a daily basis, but also their concerns for Conference Chair the future. Iranian manufacturers looking to do business outside Iran Manico, Iran www.valve-world.net See “Events” Valve World Middle East Conference 2017 About the Conference The Valve World Middle East Conference 2017 will be held Monday through Tuesday, February 20-21, 2017 at the IRIB International Conference Centre, in Tehran, Iran. It is co- organized by Valve World and the Godakhtar Group, and sponsored by FluoroSeal Specialty Valves, IMI Critical Engineering, Metso, and Rotork, and supported

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