• Document: As a result, a disconnect exists between what sales managers think their reps want and the reality of what reps need to be successful.
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Page 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A giant gap exists in most organizations between the highest performing sales reps and everyone else. How is it possible that in the same environment and under the same conditions, some reps achieve outstanding results while others struggle just to make their quota? The answer depends on the most critical role in any sales organization: the sales manager. On average, one sales manager impacts the success of 10 or more reps. But instead of devoting time to coaching their teams to higher performance, managers spend their days distracted by the 14 meetings, 500 emails and 200 phone calls they handle in an average week. As a result, a disconnect exists between what sales managers think their reps want and the reality of what reps need to be successful. In 5 Steps to Better Sales Performance, we reveal the proven methods the best sales managers rely on to close the sales performance gap between average performers and All- Stars. Featuring exclusive insights from high-performing sales leaders and original research by Professor Michael Ahearne, executive director of the Sales Excellence Institute at the University of Houston, this eBook explores the key sales performance behaviors you can put into practice today to transform your sales teams into “A” teams. THE FIVE STEPS TO BETTER SALES PERFORMANCE Be a Coach, Not a Manager 1 Coaching will help you boost the performance of your all-stars, motivate average performers to reach the next tier, and elevate lower performers. Set Daily Goals and Track Progress Against Them 2 Holding others accountable is one of the core skills consistent among top sales leaders. Motivate the Middle 3 Sales managers who focus exclusively on top performers — or poor performers — are far less likely to be successful. 4 Focus on People, Not Process 75% of sales leaders believe their managers spend too much time on administration and logistics that don’t add value to the business. 5 The Best Feedback is Served Fresh Performance feedback gets stale quickly. Left unaddressed, minor issues Page 2 quickly spiral into major ones. BOOST YOUR SALES PERFORMANCE Coach Amplify Winning Drive Consistently Behaviors Performance Meaningful coaching notes Real-time recognition Ongoing feedback Low-friction feedback Captured sales expertise Customer evaluation Clear goal-setting Rewards for extended team Visibility into top talent +30% +161% +26% More Reps Sales Wins Sales Pipeline Achieve Quota VIEW DEMO Page 3 STEP 1 BE A COACH, NOT A MANAGER Most sales managers get promoted into the manager role because they excelled at sales. But the attributes that make you a good sales rep don’t always translate to management. “There is a huge difference between the skills you need as a frontline rep and a manager,” says Mark Roberge, the SVP of Sales and Services at HubSpot, a fast-growing Boston technology company. “It requires a complete rethinking of your role. High performance means helping your team succeed.” Coaching is a give-and-take, collaborative process. Done well, WHAT it has the power to boost the MANAGERS performance of your all-stars, motivate average THINK performers to reach the REPS WANT: next tier, and elevate lower performers. Confidence A Organization MANAGER WHO MODELS: Time Management Communication !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT REPS At one company with a REALLY large sales force and several WANT: hundred sales districts, the Strategy Structure districts in which sales reps A received at least ten minutes MANAGER

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