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​RETAIL BANKING DECISION MAKING © Oliver Wyman 0 RBB DECISION MAKING – WHAT WE DO • Oliver Wyman’s Retail and Business Banking practice supports leading banks, credit institutions, payment companies, and investment firms to design and implement business strategies aimed at servicing individual clients and SMEs • The Retail Banking Decision Making sub-practice combines this Retail banking expertise with our deep content expertise in Finance and Risk topics to support clients in making better decisions in lead generation, credit decision making and ongoing customer management • Given the recent rapid advances in data, analytics and digital technology this has become a core focus area for many banks and we have invested to support clients to respond to these advances, developing three core capabilities: 1. Enhanced credit and risk decision making 2. Process re-engineering 3. Customer management and marketing • The remainder of this brochure outlines these core capabilities in more detail © Oliver Wyman 1 INDUSTRY TRENDS ​Data and digital have created the perfect storm for retail decision making Data is being created Infrastructure to New machine learning Massive adoption and in unprecedented manage these data is analytics is becoming use of internet and volumes cheap and powerful available now remote devices (smartphones, tablets) +90% of data ever Cost of 1 gigabyte of Data scientists can Customers demand created was made in storage space: now build robust live information and the last five years $300 K in 1981 models with thousands rapid paper-less of different variables processes Less than $0.10 today Source: IBM, isen.com/blog, eMarketer © Oliver Wyman 2 KEY CLIENT ISSUES ​Many clients feel there are benefits to be gained from these trends but don´t know how to take advantage TYPICAL CLIENT QUESTIONS 1 Where to start? 2 What is the business case? 3 How to prioritise investments? 4 How to manage regulatory issues? 5 How to link to other ongoing Digital initiatives? © Oliver Wyman 3 CORE CAPABILITIES ​We have developed three core capability areas to support clients gain advantage in Retail Decision Making ENHANCED CREDIT AND PROCESS CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT RISK DECISION MAKING RE-ENGINEERING AND MARKETING “Improve the performance “Increase efficiency and “Keep your customers of your portfolios” effectiveness of business” happy and profitable” Retail credit Business and Next best action (NBA) application scoring operations processes customer management Pricing optimisation Customer advice Churn reduction Collections enhancement Compliance and oversight Campaign optimisation © Oliver Wyman 4 ENHANCED CREDIT AND RISK DECISION MAKING IMPROVED VISIBILITY AND CUSTOMER OLIVER WYMAN OFFERING PROFITABILITY CONTROL BENEFIT RETAIL CREDIT • Analysis of current scorecard Improved Enhanced Better client APPLICATION effectiveness bucketing of structuring and reasons given for • Credit policy review customers leads to hence traceability application decision SCORING better returns of decision making and greater • Rebuild of scorecard using enhanced flexibility on data sources and machine learning product offering • Analysis of affordability and customer validation models    PRICING

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