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s Adorn f Slab Serif Smooth t R E G U LAR • B OL D  u v 0 9 v22622x user’s guide PART OF THE ADORN POMANDER SMOOTH COLLECTION  O P E N T Y P E FAQ : For information on how to access the swashes and alternates, visit LauraWorthingtonType.com/faqs All operating systems come equipped with a utility I recommend trying out Character Map/Viewer or that make it possible to access the swashes and alternates NexusFont first to see how it works for you before in my fonts. Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (CS versions), purchasing third party software. If you don't like how Quark Xpress 7.0 (and above), CorelDRAW X6 (and above) these utilities work, here are some additional solutions… have OpenType and Glyph panels, You may download instructional PDFs on my FAQs page for these programs. For Mac users running OS 10.8 and above, there is Ultra Microsoft Word 2010 and later versions allow you to Character Map, which may be downloaded on the App access some OpenType features in the application as well. Store for $9.99 There are additional ways to access alternates/swashes For both Mac and PC, I also recommend PopChar by if you do not have one of the programs listed above: Ergonis (especially operating systems prior to 10.8), which either by using your operating system’s utility Character is a standalone glyphs panel. It makes it easy to select and Map (Windows), Character Viewer (Mac OS versions copy the swash or alternate letterform you want and paste prior to 10.9) or through Font Book (Mac OS 10.9 and it into just about any document/program (Photoshop, Word, later), by downloading NexusFont (free, Windows only) Publisher, etc.) If you have, or are planning to purchase one or by purchasing a software program such as PopChar of my fonts, contact me with a copy of your receipt for or Ultra Character Map. a 30% discount code on PopChar. l a u r aw o r t h i n g t o n t y p e . c o m  © l a u ra wort h i ng t on t y p e adorn slab serif smooth • about Adorn Slab Serif Smooth r e g u l a r & b ol d Adorn Slab Serif is available in Regular and Bold weights. Though these display fonts can also be used for body text, their uppercase mode shines, adding texture and style to a message. Adorn Slab Serifs are unique in the Adorn collection in that they are all mono-weights. They are perhaps more masculine in style than many of the other typefaces, with a touch of “retro,”—an historic reference with a contemporary spin. The option to use both upper and lower cases also affords a practicality. l a u r aw o r t h i n g t o n t y p e . c o m  © l a u ra wort h i ng t on t y p e adorn slab serif smooth • about Font Specifications Hello A D OR N S L AB S E R I F SMO O T H Part of the Adorn family of fonts S T Y L E S / W E IG H T S : GREETINGS Regular + Bold C H A R AC T E R S : and 294 characters per weight F ON T F I L E S : 1 OpenType (.otf) file and 1 TrueType (.ttf) file SALUTATIONS AVA I L A B L E : LauraWorthingtonType.com E ST. early 1800s slab serif fonts are also OPE N T Y PE FAQ : To access swashes, alternates, ornaments, called mechanistic, and for any OpenType questions, square serif or Egyptian go to LauraWorthingtonType.com/faqs OR IG I NA L R E L E A S E : Adorn Slab Serif Smooth · April 2015 A

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