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make BOOTSTRAPPER'S HANDBOOK building startups the indie way by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps    Pieter Levels Contents Foreword 0.1. Thank you 0.2. Why did I write a book? 0.3. But I do want to write a book 0.4. The indie way of building a startup 0.5. I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA 0.6. Why should you listen to me? 0.7. This book is my entire brain dump 0.8. This book is continuously updated 0.9. App, site, product, startup, business 0.10. You'll need persistence, and luck 0.11. Practice This book Idea 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Solve your own problems 2.3. Your problem might just be everyone else's 2.4. You are the greatest expert at your own problems 2.5. How well do you need to know a problem to solve it? 2.6. Be more original, and your ideas will be original 2.7. The downside of solving only your own problems 2.8. Always start from the problem, not the solution 2.9. To get big, you have to start small 2.10. Start with a micro niche 2.11. From micro niche to multi-niche 2.12. From multi-niche to vertical integration 2.13. From vertical integration to becoming a platform 2.14. You just became big by starting small! 2.15. Your idea does not have to be earth- shattering 2.16. Create a list of ideas and keep track of them 2.17. Should you make ideas alone or in a group? 2.18. Don't be afraid to share your ideas 2.19. Conclusion 2.19.1. Resources mentioned 2.19.2. Your homework Build 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Build fast and minimal 3.2.1. Downsides of fast development 3.2.2. Your enemy is perfection 3.2.3. How viable should a minimum viable product (MVP) be? 3.3. Build yourself or outsource 3.3.1. DIY vs. people who hire others to do it for them 3.3.2. DIY vs. big teams with VC money 3.3.3. My gripe with venture capital in terms of building products 3.3.4. Bootstrapping vs. venture capital 3.3.4.a. The importance of keeping costs down 3.4. To build, should you learn to code? 3.5. Tools 3.5.1. Which tools should you use to build? 3.5.2. My "light" stack 3.5.3. Why are people so obsessed with tools? 3.5.4. How do you evaluate if a new tool is useful for you? 3.6. Native vs. web 3.6.1. Web 3.6.2. Native 3.6.3. User experience and development 3.6.4. Updating native apps vs. web apps 3.6.5. Hybrid web + native apps 3.6.6. What are people using most? 3.6.7. A future where your web app lives inside other native apps 3.6.8. The web and native will merge in the future 3.6.9. Learn both 3.6.10. What are you able to build now? 3.7. Building with constraints 3.7.1. No money/investment 3.7.2. No office 3.7.3. No coding skills 3.7.4. No connections 3.8. Building a startup without coding 3.8.1. Building a landing page 3.8.2. Accepting user data entry 3.8.3. Processing & manipulating user data 3.8.4. Contacting users 3.8.5. Making tasks for contractors 3.8.6. Charging users payments 3.8.7. Okay, let's try build something 3.9. Let's talk APIs 3.9.1. Why are they useful? 3.9.2. You can build a business on other people's API's 3.10. Conclusion 3.10.1. Resources mentioned 3.10.2. Your homework Launch 4.1. Introduction 4.2. What is a launch? 4.3. Why even launch? 4.4. How fast should you launch? 4.5. Preparing your app for a launch 4.5.1. Fix most bugs 4.5.2. Add an email box 4.5.3. Add push notifications 4.5.4. Set up analytics 4.5.5. Feedback box 4.6. Where to launch? 4.6.1. Typical places to launch a startup 4.6.1.a. Launching on Product Hunt 4.6.1.b. Launching on Hacker News 4.6.1.c. Launching on Reddit 4.6.1.d. Launching on Beta List 4.6.1.e. There will be hate 4.6.2. Things not to do 4.6.2.a. Asking people to share/like/post your product 4.6.2.b. Buying fake upvotes, likes, followers 4.6.2.c. So why doesn't this work 4.6.2.d. Be organic 4.6.3. Telling your story 4.6.3.a. Blog 4.6.4. Press 4.6.4.a. Why press matters 4.6.4.b. Why press increasingly matters less 4.6.4.c. How to get press 4.6.4.d. Which press outlets 4.6.5. Don't stick to one launch, keep launching 4.6.5.a. Make every feature a launch opportunity 4.6.5.b. Side project marketing 4.7. How to stay motivated working on one product 4.7.1. If it doesn't motivate you, sell it or kill it 4.7.2. How many ideas should I work on at a time? 4.8. Conclusion 4.8.1. Resources mentioned 4.8.2. Your homework Grow 5.1. Introduction 5.2. Why is organic growth better? 5.2.1. Especially...fake users 5.3. How to get organic growth 5.3.1. Get new users 5.3.1.a. Keep launching 5.3.1.b. Spinning off 5.3.1.c. Tell stories to people & press 5.3.1.d. Build in public 5.3.1.e. Make people share easily 5.3.1.f. Human-readable URLs and slugs 5.4. Launch an API 5.5. Build with your users 5.6. Measure how you stand up against your competitors 5.7. Conclusion 5.7.1. Resources mentioned 5.7.2. Your homework Monetize 6.1. Introduction 6.2. Why

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